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Looking for a poem or something creative to read? You’ve come to the right destination! Shayan’s Sphere is your home for Loving, Healing and Touching. Read latest poems and articles woven with love by a young dreamer of 17 years from India.

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Why I’m Not Blogging These Days?

First of all, let me apologise for not reading and commenting on your blog posts regularly for the last two months. Also sorry for not posting poems and articles on my own blog. I also express regret for not replying to some of the comments on my posts. I even failed to post a thanksgiving…

Life’s Philosophy

When withered leaf departs from treeand sings in tune her plaintive songs,and obscure souls retire and fleeabandoning all earthly wrongs;when sparkling stars of the mystic skyembrace this Earth in their dreamless sleep,and the beauteous streams with elegance drybiding their bye to the colossal deep!I behold the Sphere, this world of pains,the golden crowns and the…

If Only

If only I could make you seeThrough these amorous eyes of mine,You’d leave the world and worship theeThinking your flesh divine.And all the wars of every kindWould cease without a fight,And in every dark night you would findYour own self flickering bright. If I only I could make you hearThrough these adoring ears of mine,And…

Blog Featured in Top 100 Poetry Blogs

It gives me immense pleasure to share with you all that my blog “Shayan’s Sphere” is featured in the excellent list of top 100 poetry blogs and websites to follow in 2021 on Feedspot. I know many of you have already come across this list and many of your blogs has already been featured by…

There’s Nothing I Can’t Today

It’s true my days are dreary nightsAnd the ways are full of thorns,I have to go through silent fightsIn each silvery morn. I have to deal unnoticed tearsAnd sheer hatred and taunts,And weird feelings of baffling SphereDon’t go the way I want. And vague mirages of eerie pastLike wraiths so foul and vile,Ruin my flowers…

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